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What is E-Returns?


E-Returns is an electronic re-presentment service for businesses. It offers the potential to increase your clearing rates, increase your revenues, and maximize your recovery opportunities while allowing you to avoid the hassles of collection activities and negative confrontations with customers.

Why resort to an out-of-state vendor or third party to handle your collections when you can turn to your local banker for this service and achieve better results at a lower cost? With E-Returns at Central National Bank, your questions will be answered with a simple phone call or visit to your local branch. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that our policies are fully NACHA-compliant and offer you the safety and security Central National Bank has been known for since 1884.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can E-Returns help my business?

Since E-Returns is an electronic re-presentment solution, returned items converted to digital images are re-presented electronically at strategic times to maximize your recovery rates.

How much does it cost?

E-Returns typically achieves double the clearing rate on NSF checks than under the traditional paper item re-presentment. This solution is low-cost, as your business is not charged for the collection activities.

What else can E-Returns do for me?

  • Increase revenue and profits - E-Returns will minimize your "write-offs" and percentage of uncollectible items, allowing you to take more of your earned revenue to the bottom line.
  • Hands-off collection solution minimizes negative customer confrontations - E-Returns maximizes your recovery opportunities to avoid collections. It is a hassle-free approach that allows you to focus on your business, while Central National Bank takes care of your collections.

How do I sign up?

Contact us for more information and sign up for E-Returns today.