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What are Payroll Cards?


Increase your business/organization’s efficiency and by going green with your payroll processing. For those employees without direct deposit into a bank account we help you offer another paperless option, the Visa® Payroll Card. You can combine your existing direct deposit process with the Visa® Payroll Card and have employee pay electronically deposited to their individual Payroll Card. Offer your employees the convenience of a Visa®-branded card and eliminate the cost/hassles of issuing paper checks! Don’t have direct deposit for your employees? We can help you with that too; Central ACH Services are great for payroll processing!

With the Visa®Payroll Card, employees have access to the following features:

  • Make purchases worldwide, anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • ATM Access
  • Cash Back from grocers, drug stores, USPS and more via interlink PIN transactions
  • 800 Phone and Internet access for: Balances, Transactions, On-Line Statements, Fund transfers to bank accounts, etc.
  • Extra cards for relatives
  • Can be used for bill payment with merchants
  • 1-800 support is available 24/7
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can this service benefit my business and my employees?

    Employer Benefits

    • Eliminates Hassle and Cost of Issuing Checks
    • Removes reconciling check problems
    • Reduces postage & shipping costs
    • Eliminates employees going to bank to deposit checks during work hours
    • Achieve 100% electronic direct deposit with current direct deposit program or start now and sign up for our Central ACH services and the Visa® Payroll Card
    • New Cards Ordered on Internet, if desired

    Employee Benefits

    • Immediate availability of funds
    • Eliminates Hassles and Fees of Check Cashing
    • No longer required to go into workplace to pick up paychecks or to wait for paycheck to arrive in mail
    • Increased safety and security associated with not carrying cash
    • Prestige of Visa® Card
    • 24 hour access to ATMs
    • Pay bills for services and utilities using card (Cable, Phone, Internet, Electricity, Water, Gas and More)
    • Online access and phone access to Balance and Transactions
    • Online or Paper Statements
    How much does it cost?

    Employer Pricing:

    • One-Time $75 Setup Fee
    • Free Card Issue
    • Free Value Loads

    Employee/Cardholder Pricing*:

    • $2.95 Monthly Fee
    • Visa Signature Based Transactions - Free
    • Visa PIN transactions - $.50


    • Withdrawal (US) $1.50 (Foreign) $3.50
    • Balance Inquiry $.50

    Cash Advances at Bank

    • 1 free per value load; $3.00 each thereafter

    *For a complete list of cardholder fees, please contact CNB representative.