Your Mission

Imagine your parents are taking you to open what you thought was merely a savings account, but instead turned out to be a gateway to a world of adventure!

That’s exactly what happened to Nicholas. A few days after opening his savings account he received a ‘Top Secret’ letter asking him to join the Central Secret Agent Savers. The CSAS is a secret organization set out to stop Mr. Splurge and all other wasteful spenders. Nicholas quickly enlisted his cousin, Penelope to join the CSAS. Together Nickel and Penny (their secret agent names) have joined forces with Central National Bank to create the Central Secret Agent Savers Account as a way to recruit more agents to their cause. Now when a you open a CSAS savings account at CNB, you will not only have a useful tool to help with your financial future, but you will also become a member of an elite team dedicated to stopping Mr. Splurge and other wasteful spenders like him.

Will you become a Central Secret Agent Saver and help us show Mr. Splurge how fun it can be to watch your money grow?