Agent Message Board

Do you have to close out your account once you turn 18?

The Secret Agents at Central National Bank realize this account is great for certain ages but as our agents get older this might not fit their needs. That is why we now have a student checking account which is recommended for children age 12-17.  This account has many great perks that should fit almost any graduating Central Secret Agent. For those 18-24, we have the Central Scholar Account.

What are your withdrawal fees?

Great question! The Central Secret Agent Saver's headquarters realizes that different events can come up where you as a secret agent would need access to your money. For example, Agent Penny accidently dropped her spy binoculars and needed to get money out to replace them as quickly as possible in order to complete her top secret mission. A secret agent spy can withdrawal up to 6 times per month without a fee. However, the Central Secret Agent Saver's headquarters wants all secret agents to save as much as possible. If you have to get money out of your account more then 6 times per month there will be an extra $1 charge for each extra withdrawal.

Do we get credit cards and will they work on any ATMs for us?

Our Central Secret Agent Account is a savings accounts and does not come with a credit card. However, we can connect an ATM card that can be used to withdrawal money at the ATM. This would need to be something a parent is willing to let their kids have connected to the account. If you have more questions about the rules regarding ATM cards please contact your local Central Secret Agent office.

How much interest do you accrue quarterly on your balance in your acct?

Great question Central Secret Agent! Interest is going to vary depending on the balance you're carrying in your account. Here's an example, let's say the current interest rate on our Central Secret Agent account is 0.75%.  If you have a balance of $100 we will pay you 19 cents for 3 months. Agents Penny and Nickel think it's a great idea to grow that balance over each quarter so that you will increase the interest you're earning.

What's the history of money?

The history of money can be traced back at least 100,000 years. Money over time could've�been a metal, coins, or beads; anything that would have a perceived value. The Sumer Civilization created an economic type system, but the Babylonians created an economic system similar to the one we use today. You can visit your local library or ask your parents to locate a book that tells more about the history of money.

How many times can you take out money from your account before you are 18?

Well it really depends on your age. Let's say you're five when you start saving. You can have two withdrawals a month at no charge. If you were to take out money twice each month every month until you're 18 then you could withdrawal 312 times at no charge.

Where was Mr. Splurge last seen?

Mr. Splurge was last seen buying a metal detector at Evil Lairs R US. He is on a search for buried treasure. Mr. Splurge heard a rumor that pirates would bury their treasure and would hide it so that no one could find them unless they had the map with an "X." However, someone failed to remind Mr. Splurge that there were never any pirates that came to the Midwest. Every Central Secret Agent Saver knows is that in order to make money you have to earn it.

Where do you keep your code?

C.S.A.S. intelligence made up the "Crack the Code" mission as a fun way to teach agents the history of money. Feel free to write in the answer to the code on your newsletter. If you have any fun facts you'd like to share with the Agency, feel free to submit them to us.