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Grow your savings with every swipe!

With It Makes ¢ents, every time you use your Central National Bank debit card, we'll round up your transaction amount to the nearest dollar and put the difference into your savings account. Save for a rainy day, Christmas, college, or that new car you've been wanting. To learn more about It Makes ¢ents, check out the example and FAQ's below. To sign up, visit any of our Central National Bank locations.

The benefits don't end there! Program participants save even more as the bank matches 5% of every penny saved.* Your savings will add up fast! If you aren't already saving with each swipe, now is the time to start.

The "It Makes ¢ents!" program is operated under a license from Every Penny Counts, Inc.'s U.S. Patent # 6,112,191, dated August 29, 2000, U.S. Patent # 7,571,849, dated August 11, 2009, and U.S. Patent # 8,025,217 dated September 2011. *Maximum match amount of $50 per statement cycle.



Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does it work?

Here's an example:



Round-up Amount

Coffee $1.49 $0.51
Gas $32.18 $0.82
Candy $2.97 $0.03
Game Ticket $63.11 $0.89
  Total $2.25

  • Joe makes the purchases shown to the right on a single day.
  • Each transaction is rounded up to the nearest $1.00.
  • These rounded up amounts are added together, resulting in a total of $2.25.
  • $2.25 is automatically transferred from Joe's checking account to his savings account.
When will the round-ups and transfers occur?

One daily transfer will occur each afternoon. This transfer will be the sum of the entire day's round-up activity. Any round up activity occurring after processing will occur on the following business day..

Will this round-up all of my debit card transactions, no matter if they are PIN or signature-based?


May I round-up to an amount greater than the nearest dollar?

Yes. You may choose to round-up your transactions to any even dollar increment up to $10.

Can a person round their change into any individual's savings account? ex) Can a grandparent round their change to their grandchild's account?

Yes. Signed authorization is required from the owner of the account where the transfers are directed to be deposited.

Can I deposit my rounded-up transactions to a savings account at another bank?

No. All accounts must be with CNB.

Some small businesses don't "settle" their card transactions daily. How will this affect the round-up?

The round-up occurs each day after your card transactions have posted to your account. A card transaction posts to your account when the business settles their transactions. All businesses have 30 days to settle their transactions, so your card transactions do not always post to your account the same day you swipe your card.

What if I don't have enough money in my account during the transaction?

The debit card transaction will post the same as always. The rounded-up portion will not take place. If there are pre-authorizations that have thrown the account into the negative, then those transactions will not round up.

I want to participate, but I don't have $100 to open a savings account and I don't want to pay the $2 minimum balance fee. What should I do?

Central National Bank will waive the $2 monthly fee as long as you are participating in the "It Makes ¢ents" program.

Can I round my change into another checking account?

Yes, as long as the checking account is at Central National Bank.

Are business accounts eligible?

Yes. Both personal and business accounts are eligible.

Does Central National Bank offer a savings match program?

Yes! The bank will match 5% of your rounded up savings total, up to $50 per statement cycle.

I'd like to try this for a few weeks, but what if I decide it's not for me?

You can be removed from the program easily by contacting your local branch.