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We're celebrating 136 years of service to our customers this October and that means it’s time for a special gift for our customers!

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It's more than a bank account. It's money for life.

Bank with Benefits

Identity theft protection, roadside assistance, cell phone protection, and more? Is this a bank account or a best friend?

Start Over

We've created access to banking services for those who have previously not had it. Rebuild your history and begin a better future.

New Opportunity Checking

Spend Wisely

If you would like to save money every time you swipe your card, our It Makes ¢ents! account makes sense for you.

It Makes ¢ents!

Online & Mobile Technology

We admit it, we're nerds. 🤓

But we're committed to giving you cutting edge technology with every account.

Online & Mobile Technology

Tired of Lender Fees? So are we!

The cost of a mortgage or refinance can add up over time, which is why we’re offering the Money for Life, Mortgage Fee Guarantee to Central National Bank mortgage customers.

Home Mortgages


We offer comprehensive wealth management that is tailored to meet your unique financial and estate planning needs. Put our team of financial professionals to work to reach whatever your goals may be.

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  • A Home is a Life Investment

    Looking for a home loan or refinance? We’ve got lots of options!

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  • Business Services

    Whether your business is large or small, we have options to increase your efficiency!

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  • Personal Checking

    New account options and great rewards with easy access!

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  • It Makes ¢ents!

    Save hundreds with our Savings Program.

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Auto Loans

One of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make, whether it’s a car that holds your entire family, or a sporty little two-seater.

Auto Loans

One of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make, whether it’s a car that holds your entire family, or a sporty little two-seater.

Community Oriented

We're a vibrant company that is dedicated to providing the quality service that makes our customers and the communities we serve successful.

We also demonstrate a long history of security, soundness and a strong capital position. There's comfort in knowing that the same conservative approach that held true through the last hundred years will continue to lead the organization into new challenges.

Financial Tips

Keep your credit utilization rate low. To find your rate, divide the total amount on all of your credit cards by your total credit available. If this is over 30 percent, your credit score could take a hit.

Start financial education early. Talk to your kids about finances and don’t be afraid to answer any of their questions. Exposing them to ideas like assets and budgets can help give them a financial head start.

If you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait a couple of days. If you still want the item after a week, then go back and buy it. This helps stop impulsive spending.

Stay on top of your spending, financial goals, and more with MoneyCentral. Free with every account.

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A Great Team

Nominate Central Stars

Central Stars

Nominate your favorite employee for our Central Star Award.

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Central National Bank has exciting options for current job seekers.


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